MOMENT IN TIME Brits get their first job at 17 but don’t learn how to cook or iron until they’re 23, study claims

 Brits get their first part-time job at 17, and full-time at 19

Brits get their first part-time job at 17, and full-time at 19Credit: Getty – Contributor

A study has revealed the average ages Brits reach certain milestones, from going on our first date to getting married.

Our first special moment comes when we’re just five-years-old, when we make our first friend.

Over the years we learn to ride a bike at even, swim by eight, and by 14 we’ve broken a bone.

The study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by French bakery brand, Brioche Pasquier, revealed we have that all-important first kiss at 15.

 We get engaged at 25 and married at 26

We get engaged at 25 and married at 26Credit: Getty – Contributor

That’s followed by a first date at 17 – the same age we get a ‘proper’ boyfriend.

We finally get some cash of our own, as we start our first part-time job aged 17.

It turns out we fall in love and get our hearts broken the following year, aged 18.

As we head into adulthood, we get our first proper job at 19, and go to university at 20.

That’s the same age we finally go on holiday without our parents, and we pass our driving test at 21 – and move out.

Bizarrely it seems we learn life lessons quite late, with people only learning how to cook and iron when they’re 23.

Our first car comes also comes age 23, and most of us will be fired at 24.

An engagement follows the following year, with Brits tying the knot aged 26.

We also buy our first pet when we’re 26, and our first house follows by 27, and children appear the following year.

Milestones in life

  • First kiss – 15
  • Went on first date – 17
  • Heart was broken for the first time – 18
  • First full time job – 19
  • Passed driving test – 21
  • Moved out of parents house for the first time – 21
  • Owned first car – 23
  • Quit a full time job for the first time – 23
  • Got engaged – 25
  • Got married – 26
  • Bought first house – 27
  • Had first child – 28

Melissa Bentley, marketing manager for Brioche Pasquier, said: “Many of us can still remember big life events, even if they happened decades ago.

“First loves, first jobs, and our first beers are all imprinted on our memories – even if sometimes we can’t remember where our glasses are today.

“But even though memory is a great way of capturing these times, having them in photos and videos is really great to relive some of the key moments of our lives.”

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