Fox Chapel Area amends graduation requirements to include college, career planning

A course that helps prepare students for life after high school will become a graduation requirement at Fox Chapel Area School District.

The school board approved the move this month, saying that with increased emphasis on planning and next steps after high school, Career and College Essentials helps students explore post-secondary options and achieve their goals.

Graduation requirements were modified to include an increase from 0 to 0.5 credits in Career and College Essentials — formerly an elective — and a decrease from 3 to 2.5 credits in health, safety and physical education.

Total credit requirements for graduation remain at 27.

The change, high school Lead Principal Michael Hower said, is due to an increased focus on college, career and industry-based education.

“Post-secondary planning is at the forefront for families, and what is awesome is that we have courses that fit into this,” Hower said.

The course is a two-day-per-week class, which about 75 percent of students already were enrolled in, he said.

“Students already find the value in this,” he said. “They want to plan for their next steps, and we want to support that.”

Physical education requirements will decrease by 0.5 credits during students’ junior and senior years, but school officials said options will increase to provide flexibility.

Classes will include more options, including pilates, yoga and dance.

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