Four Steps For A Successful Career Change


A change in careers can be overwhelming. As a mindset and performance coach, I’ve seen leaders who struggle with having doubts about their abilities and skills during a shift in careers. In my experience, these doubts can impact your self-confidence and leave you feeling as if you’re unable to move forward and thrive.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take an athlete who’s approaching the end of his or her sporting career. They might be wondering what to do once they’ve retired, but they must recognize something first: Their relentless focus, perseverance and commitment to training, as well as the mental strength they gained after facing a challenge, is what made them great at their sport in the first place. I believe recognizing this can give them a significant boost in confidence and help them see they can employ those same skills in another field of work; then they can start proactively looking for new opportunities.

So whether you are looking to completely change your job or climb the ladder in your company, it is important to be aware of your true skills and what makes you unique. These soft and hard skills can be employed in other fields of work. Equipping yourself with this growth mindset is as important as recognizing your value, and I believe that doing so can help you advance to the next chapter of your life.

Below are four steps I often teach clients to help them look beyond their job title and into their core skills to help them to make a successful career change:

1. Reframe your identity.

Are you a designer, creative director or accountant? No matter your role, remember that this is simply a job title — not a summation of your skills. Identify the skills that led you to become who you are today. List at least five core skills you have developed throughout your career that are unrelated to your job, and write one to three sentences in which you introduce yourself with these skills (instead of the job title held).

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